What’s It All About?

The We Dundee website was originally created to support Dundee’s UK City of Culture 2017 bid. Dundee was one of four shortlisted cities bidding for this competitive title, from an initial eleven cities. We Dundee was a key part of Dundee’s bid.

Although we may not have have gained a title, this ‘crowd project’ has been a fantastic opportunity to remind ourselves what an astonishing place Dundee is, and what remarkable people live and work here.

Initially we asked anyone and everyone to contribute their city insights on to the supporter wall. We aimed to show that there’s more to Dundee than people might think – it’s a city full of hidden surprises. Four clear themes about Dundee emerged from the thousands of insights suggested, including: the people, the environment, the river and the light.

We then asked contributors what they would like to see during a year celebrating our city’s culture. The hundreds of ideas were fantastically diverse, original, thoughtful and have been really useful for considering how to shape Dundee’s future plans.

A community of passionate city supporters has also developed and grown since We Dundee launched in March 2013. They have joined in the conversations on Facebook and Twitter; they have got behind the project in person at City Square where we heard a poem created from We Dundee content ‘Dundee Dreaming’; and they even took up our We Dundee flag challenge – flying the flag in exotic, fun and creative places!

People have undoubtedly made We Dundee a very special and unique project indeed, so thank you again to everyone who has been part of this great story so far.

Now, due to the incredible enthusiasm and tremendous public support for the project, we want to keep We Dundee growing!  We will continue to add more details to this page and will email all contributors as the project develops further, you can find out more about the journey so far here:

Tell Us Your Thoughts

What do you love about Dundee? What are your top insights or secrets about the city? We would love to hear them. Simply select ‘Support Dundee’ and add your voice.

Anyone who doesn’t have access to the internet can visit their local library, who provide free supported access. The library internal mail can also be used to post contributions to the Dundee Partnership Team.

Click through each of the images on the We wall to read more of the delights which have already been submitted!

Who Are We?

The Dundee Partnership coordinated the bid with a range of organisations and individuals. We Dundee is an evolving project, which aims to show our pride in the city and use collective imaginations of people who live in the city and those who love it, to develop the city for the better.

We Dundee created by Fleet Collective and managed by Creative Dundee

Email: contact@wedundee.com

Dundee Partnership

Click through each of the images on the We Wall to find out what delights have been submitted so far!